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Olympia Police Department

The Olympia Police Department is located at 601 Fourth Avenue East, Olympia, WA and their phone number is 360-753-8300.  With a population of over 48,000 residents, Olympia’s Police Chief Ronnie Roberts is helping lead very efficient operations in the city.

The Olympia Police Department is split into three main divisions; Operations, Administration, and Corrections.  The Operations Division oversees a Patrol Unit that has a K-9 section, School Resource Officers, and two Traffic Officers.  With the way that the shifts are set up, the officers have an overlap of 8 hours for a much more demanding time of the day.  The Detectives Unit is managed by a Sergeant who oversees training and hiring.  The Volunteer Program includes encouraging youth to explore police careers, promoting water safety to decrease collisions, and a VIPS initiative for everyday citizens to get involved.  The Corrections Division has a municipal jail with 28 beds and they process warrants for officers to find with ease.  The Administration Division is responsible for handling work cases related to maintaining integrity for the department.  

The main jail for the Olympia Police Department is the Olympia City Jail within the Lee Creighton Criminal Justice Center located at 900 Plum St SE, Olympia WA 98501 and their phone number is 360-753-8417.  For information on warrants, the jail offers details for callers at 360-753-8729.  

With a website to visit for those wanting to know about crime in their community, Olympia PD is precise and to the point with their data.  The department has a Property and Evidence Section for property auctions, prescription drugs, firearms, found property, and a bicycle registration program.  Cyclists who have their bicycles stolen can get a better chance to have it found through the database that is in place.  

The Olympia Police Department does not respond to lost property or being locked out of vehicles as emergencies.  They also do not offer the firing range to the public for use anymore.  Graffiti is to be promptly cleaned up by someone and the department encourages citizens in the neighborhood to be part of the collective effort to reduce criminal satisfaction at the act of vandalism.

Any hate crimes or emergencies should be reported immediately to 911 because they could result in drastic situations and serious consequences.  Taking matters into a person’s own hands can also be a detrimental action; police are the most experienced for the emergency and should be contacted at the very sight of danger.  

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Capital City Marathon happening now. Slow down, watch out for runners and road closures. Good luck runners!! https://t.co/d08YhcH7Yk
Friday, May 17th, 2019 at 2:42pm
We could use your help in locating this Missing Person: Anthony Newsome-Moffa, 21 years old. Last seen in the Pierce County area. Has ties to Seattle and Olympia. If you know his whereabouts please call us at 360.753.8300 or 911. https://t.co/I4Ku1qhvRz
Thursday, May 16th, 2019 at 6:33am
Red and blue emergency lights on a busy roadway helped this new family safely cross the street.

Momma Duck even used the crosswalk! 🦆 https://t.co/8hS1uYrCuA
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So it appears that both the Olympia Bears (4A) and the Capital Cougars (3A) boys baseball teams are both headed for the state tournament. Great job, fellas. Make Olympia proud! https://t.co/RyHjzrJDCb
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Thank you Olympia PD Correctional Officers for the hard work you perform every day! In 2018, Correctional Officers handled over 1200 bookings at the Olympia City Jail. #nationalcorrectionalofficersweek https://t.co/SJ379Tk7VE
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Have you thanked a teacher yet? Oly PD employees delivered donuts to the high schools they graduated from for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you Teachers for all you do in the community! #ThankATeacher #NationalTeacherAppreciationWeek @OlympiaSchools https://t.co/YTzaQEiWqH
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Warm weather is back!
Please remember that cars get HOT for fur-babies. Educate your family and friends! 🐶 https://t.co/UvkDQxhkFr
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We swore in three new officers today. Welcome to the team Gabe, Kimberly, and Josiah! https://t.co/Uh6XBFhSY5
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Procession of the Species starting soon! Lots of road closures downtown. Shuttles available at The Farmers Market, come say hi. https://t.co/IXsz699w7C
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Read the full OlyPD Weekly Update for 4-18 to 4-24-19 here https://t.co/6YOj1oewZV
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Highlights from OlyPD Weekly Update 1). 2 robberies that were shoplifts gone wrong. 2). One burglary involved a suspect using a ladder outside to gain access to a 2nd floor window. 3). April is Volunteer appreciation month. Thank you! 4). Arts Walk and sunshine this weekend. https://t.co/VXGleOj7vP
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Crafted faces so creative I had to try one on!

Amazing kids at Dept. of Veterans Affairs! 🥰