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Clallam County Information

The county’s population according to the 2010 census was 71,404 and the county is Port Angeles. The county was named after Klallam, which is a word to describe “strong people.” The county was founded in 1854 and it is located on the Olympic Peninsula. The county office departments that are focused maintaining the peace and order in the county are superior court clerk, attorney, Sheriff’s office, probation, and emergency management.

Sheriff’s office

The Sheriff’s name is Bill Benedict and the number to call is 360-417-2459. The divisions in the Sheriff’s office are anonymous tips, calendars, corrections facility, community policing, code enforcement, pistol license, emergency management, jail, property room, public records, sex offender registry, and traffic school.

The Sheriff’s office envisions to foster an environment where citizens can feel safe and take pride and comfort in providing a good quality of life in the community. The incorporation of community will influence the strategies in policies, leadership, technologies, and effective use of resources.

County courthouse

The district 1 court judge is Rick Porter and in 2014, the court had more than 9,000 cases. These cases are from Port Angeles Municipalities and Sequim, and the Clallam County. The cases that were processed have 5,740 traffic infractions, 171 DUIs, 515 criminal traffic violations, 1,257 crime violations, 87 civil anti-harassment orders, 1,029 civil cases and 175 small claims cases. The total of the receipts was $2,000,000.

The office hours are from 9 am to 12 pm and 12:30 pm to 4 pm from Monday through Friday.

County jail

223 East 4th Street Port Angeles, WA 98362

Phone number is 360-417-2268

Online Jail Roster URL:

Visiting hours are from 11:15 am to 7:15 pm Friday, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Always call the jail one day before you plan to visit make sure that visitation is not cancelled on that day.  

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Rachelle Reeves
Rachelle Reeves

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Very helpful with my situation. Helped me through it step by step even though I ended up not being able to use them. Kelly helped me answer questions I was unsure on. Would definitely recommend using him.

jeremy Marks
jeremy Marks

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Thank you so much Bail Co. Kelly was super helpful on the phone, Karen met me at the jail and she was very professional and knowledgable about her jail in PA. I will never use any other company again, thank you Bail Co.

April Jensen
April Jensen

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All I can say is these guys were awesome, they talked me threw what to do and how to get my husband out of jail...I was a mess never had to do anything like this before but just talking to them over the phone being panicked and in distraught..they really took the time to listen and calmed me down..they genuinely care ..thank you for helping my family get there dad n my husband work out are legal problems together n being so quick to get him released ...he was able to make our babies heart surgerie...thank the jensen family...

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office

22 East 4th Street, Suite 12 Port Angeles, WA 98302


Phone: (360) 417-2262

Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office17 hours ago

The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft of approximately 2000 ft of copper power line cable stolen sometime earlier this week. An additional 100’ of wire was left on the ground. The wire, owned by McKinley Paper, was taken from a site between Laird Rd and Reddick Rd. The wire was removed from de-electrified power poles.

Investigators believe the theft occurred after hours of darkness as witnesses report seeing trespassers frequenting the area.

The stolen wire is valued at approximately $20,000. The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying those person(s) responsible for the theft.

If you have any information regarding the investigation please call the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office at 360-417-2459.

Sheriff Benedict reminds residents to immediately call Dispatch at the non-emergency number 360-417-2459 when observing suspicious vehicles or persons.

Reference: CFS# 2018-8046
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office18 hours ago

The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the assault of a female jogger who was running on the Olympic Discovery Trail between the Ennis Creek (Old Rayonier parking lot) trail access and Gales Addition section of the trail.

On Sunday, April 15th at about 8:30 AM the female jogger was running, with her dog, eastbound on the Discovery Trail when she was grabbed from behind by a white male. The jogger was able to defend herself and incapacitate the male assailant. A second white male then tackled the jogger, forcing her to the ground. The jogger was able to fight free and fled down to the beach to the safety of others.

The two suspects then fled on foot westbound on the trail. The first suspect was described as a white male standing approximately 6’00” tall, clean shaven, and approximately 25 to 30 year of age. The second suspect was described as standing approximately 5’8” tall, clean shaven, and approximately 25 to 30 year of age. Both suspects were wearing loose fitting clothing.

The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the two suspects. If you have any information regarding this assault, please contact the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office at 360-417-2459.

The Clallam County Sheriff’s Department would like to take this opportunity to remind outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and others who enjoy the Olympic Discovery Trail to always be aware of your surroundings and utilize the “Buddy System”.

Case # 2018-8069
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office added 3 new photos.21 hours ago
**2017 CCSO Employee and Volunteer Award Recipients**

Jamye Wisecup - Employee of the Year
Bruce and Kathleen Reiter - Volunteers of the Year
Matt Aston - Search and Rescue Volunteer of the Year
Deputy James Gribbon - Lifesaving Award
Undersheriff Ron Cameron - Meritorious Service w/ Valor
Deputy Jim Dixon - Meritorious Service w/ Valor
Sgt. John Keegan - Meritorious Service w/ Valor
Sgt. Shaun Minks - Meritorious Service w/ Valor
Deputy Eric Morris - Meritorious Service w/ Valor
Detective Brian Knutson - Meritorious Service
Deputy Eric Morris - Meritorious Service
Corrections Deputy Alicia Newhouse - Meritorious Service
Administrative Specialist Sherry Stout - Meritorious Service
Corrections Deputy Sandra Waterhouse - Meritorious Service
Detective Amy Bundy - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Nate Clark - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Bill Cortani - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Paul Federline - Meritorious Unit Citation
WSP Detective Mike Grall - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy James Gribbon - Meritorious Unit Citation
Sgt. John Hollis - Meritorious Unit Citation
Sgt. John Keegan - Meritorious Unit Citation
Detective Brian Knutson - Meritorious Unit Citation
PAPD Sgt. Tom Kuch - Meritorious Unit Citation
Detective Josh Ley - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Mark Millet - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Chris Moon - Meritorious Unit Citation
Sgt. Lyman Moores - Meritorious Unit Citation
Detective Jeff Pickrell - Meritorious Unit Citation
Sgt. Randy Pieper - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Stacey Sampson - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Brandon Stoppani - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Marc Titterness - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Ben Tomco - Meritorious Unit Citation
Deputy Jeff Waterhouse - Meritorious Unit Citation
Control Room Tech Brandon Janisse - Commendation
PAPD Officer Dan Morse - Commendation
Deputy Matt Murphy - Commendation
Human Resources Specialist Brenda Peterson - Commendation
Deputy Brandon Stoppani - Commendation

We are very proud of our hard working employees and volunteers who devote their lives in service to their fellow man!!
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office1 day ago

A conference is being held this week in Tacoma for many of those working in emergency management and as first responders.

The Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference (PIEPC) is billed as the #1 Emergency Preparedness Conference in the Northwest. It connects more than 700 professionals from all over, representing business, education, government, non-profit sector, emergency management, insurance, utilities and hospitals. The Conference attracts top speakers and provides cutting-edge information on business continuity planning, school safety, public health preparedness, homeland security, and public information.

What makes this so special for us in Clallam County is we are the focus of two presentations, both of which we are very proud to share.

First, three local Cascadia Earthquake Planning specialists have been invited to speak at the conference in Tacoma. Washington State Department of Emergency Management Director Robert Ezelle invited former State Rep Jim Buck, Fire District #3 Disaster Planner Blaine Zechenelly, and Fire District #3 Assistant Chief Dan Orr to make a presentation about preparations for the expected disaster after touring Clallam County in October.

The 3-man team will present a program called “Saving the Ends of the Earth: A Comparison of Cascadia Quake Planning with Lessons Learned from Hurricane Maria.” This program will explain the threat facing the county, a sample ground truth of the predicted destruction, localized plans to manage a rapid response and the integration of FEMA and National Guard assistance into the county plan along with lessons learned from the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Our area Law Enforcement Training Cadre will also join Clallam County Emergency Management Coordinator Jayme Wisecup in presenting a Mass Casualty response class at the conference. The presentation is called “Mass Casualty Inter-Agency Response: The Clallam County Story of Community Collaboration in Growing a Comprehensive Full Scale Exercise”

In 2017, an outside observer took notice of our Mass Casualty / Active Shooter Exercise at Peninsula College and encouraged our members of the Inter-Agency Response Team to speak at this conference. A group of six team members have been invited to share information on how Clallam County has been actively engaging over 45 different agencies to attend planning meetings and commit to following through a full scale exercise and then growing it year after year at different locations.

Cpl. David Dombrowski, (Port Angeles Police Department), Sgt. Randy Pieper (Clallam County Sheriff’s Office), Chaplain Tim Richards (Clallam County Chaplain’s Corp), Julie Black (Olympic Medical Center), Marty Martinez (Peninsula College) and Jamye Wisecup (Clallam County Emergency Management) will be providing an interactive workshop that will look into the “enemies of cooperation”, why making connections from the most unlikely of networks is worth braving, and the necessity to expand our recovery work to include more and more groups from our communities to take on the rebuilding that becomes necessary in the aftermath of a mass casualty.
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office3 days ago

The Clallam County Sheriff's Office has received several calls from residents today advising there is a new phone scam circulating. A person identifying himself as a "Lieutenant Powell" from the Sheriff's Office is telling residents they have a warrant or civil affidavit and must call back or immediately present themselves to the local Sheriff's Office to discuss the matter or "face the consequences". This is a SCAM!!

There is no Lt. Powell at the Clallam County Sheriff's Office and we do not conduct business this way. The "IRS Phone Scam" has also been circulating once again and the IRS will not call you demanding money.

These types of scams are common and the callers are able to get a "360" area code on the internet so residents think it is a local call. The caller can be anywhere in the U.S. or out of the country so it is extremely difficult to follow up on these calls. The best course of action is for residents to immediately hang up or screen their calls.

Click on the Federal Trade Commission link for more information on phone scams and how to protect yourself.
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office1 week ago

The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office, Port Angeles Police Department and Sequim Police Department have a new Community Crime Map through LexisNexis which allows the public to view reported crimes.

The public can also view Analytics by clicking on the tab at the top which enables them to see graphs based on their search criteria giving them a greater understanding of the crime trends in our county. Crime reports have been uploaded from January 2017 and the crime map will be automatically updated each day.

You can access the crime map at:

Below is an example of the Crime Map and the Analytics section: