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Clallam County Information

The county’s population according to the 2010 census was 71,404 and the county is Port Angeles. The county was named after Klallam, which is a word to describe “strong people.” The county was founded in 1854 and it is located on the Olympic Peninsula. The county office departments that are focused maintaining the peace and order in the county are superior court clerk, attorney, Sheriff’s office, probation, and emergency management.

Sheriff’s office

The Sheriff’s name is Bill Benedict and the number to call is 360-417-2459. The divisions in the Sheriff’s office are anonymous tips, calendars, corrections facility, community policing, code enforcement, pistol license, emergency management, jail, property room, public records, sex offender registry, and traffic school.

The Sheriff’s office envisions to foster an environment where citizens can feel safe and take pride and comfort in providing a good quality of life in the community. The incorporation of community will influence the strategies in policies, leadership, technologies, and effective use of resources.

County courthouse

The district 1 court judge is Rick Porter and in 2014, the court had more than 9,000 cases. These cases are from Port Angeles Municipalities and Sequim, and the Clallam County. The cases that were processed have 5,740 traffic infractions, 171 DUIs, 515 criminal traffic violations, 1,257 crime violations, 87 civil anti-harassment orders, 1,029 civil cases and 175 small claims cases. The total of the receipts was $2,000,000.

The office hours are from 9 am to 12 pm and 12:30 pm to 4 pm from Monday through Friday.

County jail

223 East 4th Street Port Angeles, WA 98362

Phone number is 360-417-2268

Online Jail Roster URL:

Visiting hours are from 11:15 am to 7:15 pm Friday, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Always call the jail one day before you plan to visit make sure that visitation is not cancelled on that day.  

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Rachelle Reeves
Rachelle Reeves

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Very helpful with my situation. Helped me through it step by step even though I ended up not being able to use them. Kelly helped me answer questions I was unsure on. Would definitely recommend using him.

jeremy Marks
jeremy Marks

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posted 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much Bail Co. Kelly was super helpful on the phone, Karen met me at the jail and she was very professional and knowledgable about her jail in PA. I will never use any other company again, thank you Bail Co.

April Jensen
April Jensen

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

All I can say is these guys were awesome, they talked me threw what to do and how to get my husband out of jail...I was a mess never had to do anything like this before but just talking to them over the phone being panicked and in distraught..they really took the time to listen and calmed me down..they genuinely care ..thank you for helping my family get there dad n my husband work out are legal problems together n being so quick to get him released ...he was able to make our babies heart surgerie...thank the jensen family...

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office

22 East 4th Street, Suite 12 Port Angeles, WA 98302


Phone: (360) 417-2262

Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office2 days ago

Our friend Scott Sistek of KOMO 4 reached out to me to advise of some troubling weather models he's developed mostly dealing with wind.

While PA and Sequim will be protected by the Olympics, Joyce west will be slammed with some predictions of 77 mph gusts in Forks and Neah Bay between 1am and 5am. I don’t have to tell you these are severe so please, be safe. Don't try to clear power lines across the road yourself, even if you know they're dead. You just never know.

I'll continue to try and get more info but for now, the best tool is warning. Please pass this alert on to your friends and neighbors.

Stay safe

Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office3 days ago

I can summarize the weekend weather in one word:


Of course wetter out west than in the central areas, but most of the professional weather peoples are indicating rain throughout the weekend. And, while we won’t get the wind blast like we did the other day, it’ll continue to be blustery, especially in areas near the water. Sunday especially sounds interesting and the west end may again be treated to a show of thunder and lightning.

While the rain will be steady, there’s nobody saying that it’s going to be real heavy so we’re not thinking about any minor flooding. But, with as wet as it has been, we could be honored with some slides in the usual places like along 112. The sogginess and the wind could displace some trees too, you never know.

And, it’s supposed to remain sort of cool….right around low to mid 40’s so that means what’s falling down here as rain, is piling up as snow in the mountains. That’s probably a good thing. This weather pattern looks to go on into next week but, well, it’s January. It’s what we expect around here.

So maybe a good weekend to catch a movie or stay indoors. My pal Glen Roggenbuck is the emergency manager for the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe and he is hosting a Safety Fair at the Tribal Center on Saturday from 11 to 2. There will be several booths with information and demonstrations on emergency preparedness, radio communications and more to help keep you ready for storms, earthquake, or any type of emergency you might think of. A visit to Glen and the displays down there might get you out of the rain anyway..

Stay safe,
Undersheriff Ron Cameron
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office5 days ago

Well this weather today came out of nowhere for me.

My main source for our weather discussions come from the National Weather Service in Seattle. It’s not the sole source, but it is their advisories and warnings that alert me to weather that’s less than boring to talk about with you. From those warnings etc., I can check with other sources like Scott at KOMO or other weather services to isolate what we really think will happen here. Finally, I run it through my own memory banks. After living here all my life, weather patterns are kind of consistent….for example, if we know we are going to see some snow in the lowlands, anyone that’s been around for a while can tell you places like Fairholm, Burnt Mt. and the Twin on 112 all get slammed for some reason. So, I combine the alert with some expert opinions and then our own experiences around here to let you know what we could expect and where.

Except, for some reason, I stopped getting the alerts since about the beginning of the year. This is the second or third event I missed this year as there was no alert to let me know. So, I’ve written to the weather service and they must have reactivated my account this afternoon or something as I have already received a couple of alerts. Hopefully, this will get us back on track. Sorry I missed these events to let everyone know what’s up.

So for the next couple days: The wind should have died down by now, even on the coast. We even lost power here in town in several places so I’m sure west end folks got it good. Rains too should start to back off and turn to showers. When that wind hit this afternoon, I climbed into the police car and the temperature said 64 degrees! I couldn’t believe it until I went by a bank and Rusty Gray’s car lot and both their signs said … 64 degrees. Wow. And, the snow level will fall from 8000 feet this afternoon to 3000 feet tonight. That’s a pretty good drop. Skiers? Should see some new snow come the weekend if you’re heading up to Hurricane Ridge, I hope about half a foot by Saturday. That means we’ll get back to “normal” cool temperatures real soon.

Finally, there is an alert for High energy swells for Thursday and maybe into Friday which could lead to some coastal flooding on the coast. So Neah Bay and LaPush; take care on the water and or beaches. Weather Services’ confidence in the swells being 25 feet are pretty high and some models are predicting 28 feet. People along the Straits too, be careful. It won’t likely be near the coastal swells, but it may be higher than normal so watch it along the beaches.

Well, there we go then. I’m going to keep a closer watch and be sure I am getting the appropriate alerts so I can continue passing it along.

Stay safe
Undersheriff Ron Cameron
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office6 days ago

On Monday, January 15th at approximately 2100 hours two inmates escaped from the Forks City Jail after seriously assaulting a female corrections officer. The escapees, identified as 35 year old Boe James Baker and 22 year old Alejandro Cendejas-Montoya, were both Forks residents.

Officers from the Forks Police Department, Clallam County Sheriff’s Office, La Push Police Department, the Washington State Patrol, and the combined Clallam Bay Corrections Center/Olympic Corrections Center Inmate Recovery Team (IRT) responded to assist in the search of the escapees.

Today (1/16/18), at approximately 0800 hours, a resident on Fir Avenue in Forks discovered Baker, deceased from apparent suicide, in the yard of his residence.

At approximately 1800 hours today, Cendajas-Montoya was arrested by officers of the Inmate Recovery Team at a family member’s residence in Forks.

Both escapees are now accounted for.
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office2 weeks ago

So far, 2018 hasn’t given me much reason to reach out and chat with everyone about weather. It’s simply been “shhh”. (In law enforcement, we don’t use the “Q” word as everything hits the fan when we do!)

But, there’s a small bump for Thursday. It’s supposed to start raining this evening, in fact it’s trying to start here in PA as I write this. Rain will continue into tomorrow (Thursday), along with some wind. I don’t think it’ll be very much, especially in PA and Sequim. But the west end folks always seem to get it a little harder no matter what so you may expect enough wind to notice and, of course, it’ll rain out there. Oh, and the mountains are expected to get a pretty good dumping of snow too.

We will be rewarded however with a pretty nice weekend I hear. For some, that’s a three dayer too so enjoy that extra day off if you can. Then, next week, back to cooler weather and showers.

So, for the most part, pretty normal for a January, but I missed talking to everyone so thought I’d throw this out there.

As always,
Stay Safe

Undersheriff Ron Cameron
Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office2 weeks ago

Are you prepared to spend 30 Days on your own?

Find out what you can do at the 1st Annual Emergency Safety Fair.

Learn about how to prepare your Emergency Kit and how to
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Saturday January 20th, 2018
11am -2pm

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